6 Extract Eye Care And Vision

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6 Extract Eye Care And Vision

AK Healthy Pro Company selects raw materials and components. For producing the best coffee, beverages and supplements from around the world. from sources that are certified for quality and safety from the Food and Drug Administration with international credibility to be used as raw materials for factories



Bilberry Extract

Bilberry fruit extract is an imported raw material that combines Cell Synapse technology, an innovation that Helps to absorb and use more Increase the efficiency of delivering the extract into the body in a short time. Important substances in bilberry and blueberry Helpful in nourishing the eyes and nourishing the retina. Contributes to better visibility in the dark research found berry fruit Contains anthocyanin Help relieve eye fatigue. And helps to improve blood circulation in the capillaries. It also contains vitamin C, E and bioflavonoids. which is an antioxidant Contributes to protecting and preserving the eyes from being damaged. Helps increase the strength of the blood vessels. and reduce the chance of atherosclerosis or brittle blood vessels which is the cause of many vascular diseases eye disease prevention and symptoms Stimulates the body to create more glutathione.



Marigold Extract

Marigold Flower Extract contains an important substance, lutein, which looks like a yellow substance. belong to carotenoids (carotenoids), which are beneficial to the eyes The nutrient lutein helps filter light or prevent radiation that can cause eye damage. And it's hard to avoid because it's everywhere around us, including light from the sun. light from television Light from a computer screen Light from a lamp Helps protect the cells of the retina from being damaged. It also reduces the risk of developing cataracts, corneal disease (AMD).



Gac Extract

Gac Extract (Gac Extract) is rich in antioxidants and contains high content of lycopene (Lycopene), which is classified as a group of carotenoids. Highly effective with beta-carotene Beta-carotene is a provitamin A that the body can convert into vitamin A, which helps maintain and maintain eyesight. Prevent eye diseases, cataracts, night blindness Reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and protect the skin from the sun slow down aging.



Maqui Berry

Maqui Berry is a fruit with high nutritional value. Contains anthocyanin (Anthocyanin) called "Delphinidin" is very high, which is a highly efficient antioxidant. It is very useful in helping to take care of eye health, can help reduce and prevent dry eye symptoms (Dry Eye), by stimulating the production of quality tears. make the eyes more moist In people with dry eyes, it can help reduce eye fatigue and reduce Oxidative Stress around the lacrimal glands as well. The maqui berry is also known as a real superfruit due to its high antioxidant properties thanks to its unique compound.





Beta-carotene (Beta-carotene) is a carotenoid that is a precursor of vitamin A. Serves to maintain the health of the body to be healthy and normal. boosts the immune system help nourish the skin eye care reduce the degeneration of eye cells macular degeneration prevent cataract is an antioxidant and reduce the risk of cancer Prevent heart disease, etc., where the body can convert beta-carotene to vitamin A in the amount that the body needs.




Lutein is an outstanding carotenoid compound that prevents the destruction of retinal cells from free radicals such as sunlight, light from computer screens or mobile phones. Helps filter blue light and other light that disturbs the eyes by more than 40%, increasing the efficiency of vision. eye lens restoration It also helps reduce the risk of eye disease and retinopathy as well. Natural sources of lutein are found in green leafy vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, kale, cabbage, and spinach. Fruits such as kiwi, grapes, oranges, goji berries (Goji berry) etc.

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